ICE ID - Suppliers of Emergency Identification medical alert products Wrist Bands, Ankle bands, Shoe straps and dog tags.



Here's what some of ICE ID clients have had to say about our products.


The band is doing fine after a few weeks of constant use, including paddling in the sea, biking and running, and subsequent shower and dry cycles. I would certainly recommend outdoor people to own one.
Publisher Go Multi Magazine - Deon Braun


"Awesome to see the project off the ground, well done. I will certainly be recommending it to all I know. I believe that anyone exercising in the outdoors irrespective of whether they are with others or on their own should be wearing something like this."
Vice President Cycling South Africa, Co-chairman Cape Argus Pick & Pay Cycle Tour - David Bellairs


I am so impressed! The tags fit perfectly! Thank you very much- my kids love them! Child identification is most important in these days. My child got lost on the beach last December (in a split second!). The beach was overcrowded and it was difficult finding him. Luckily a woman spotted him crying and started searching for his mom. Those 20 minutes felt like 20 hours if he had only worn identification she could have contacted me immediately! -
Carin Saayman


DOG ICE with chain

I wear it everyday. The stainless steel chain and tag are still like new.
Steve Overton



Very useful and unique.
Riaan Coertzen