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ICE ID is dedicated to the idea that any person who is active outdoors should be wearing an In Case of Emergency identification tag.

In a country where we have both an abundance of outdoor activity and many ways we can be hurt, choosing to wear a medical alert identification tag is a way we can feel and be safer. ICE ID manufacture a range of identity tags so that they can be worn either around the neck, on your wrist, ankle or attached to your running shoe.

ICE ID tags are designed to be as tough as the person wearing them. If you wear out the stainless steel tag we will replace it at no charge. For added durability the information is laser engraved. This ensures that the information is easily read, will not fade, and overcomes problems associated with hand written tags.The tag is immediately visible, ensuring that your vital information can be quickly read without paramedics and hospital staff having to try and open pockets and flaps.

Each identity tag can include up to 6 lines of essential information, for example your name, passport number or identity number, emergency contact numbers and any medical conditions e.g. whether you are a diabetic or allergic to penicillin, plus your blood type or medical aid number.

It's not always practical to carry cell phones when we are walking, hiking, running, cycling, surfing etc. At these times we need wearable-identification that canít be dropped, lose signal, be broken in a fall, get stolen or left behind.


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If you would like to replace your wrist band, desire an additional colour, or you already own a shoe ICE and would like to attach your tag to a wrist band, then this is the product for you.

Whether you are a runner, cyclist, mountain biker, kayaker, hiker, triathlete or just a person that likes to take a gentle stroll. Every time we leave our homes there is always the chance that something may happen that will take away our ability to speak for ourselves

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